Search & Rescue/EMS

With Search and Rescue, you aren’t flying sightseeing tours in Bali. When called, we know all too often that the weather will be closing in and the situation is between life or death for someone out there. Saving lives doesn’t just happen though. It requires having the right tools. Specifically, SAR equipment listed below.

  • Hi Definition EO/IR Camera

  • Hi Watt Searchlight – Slaved to EO/IR Camera

  • Loud Hailer System

  • “Aerolife” Medical Transport System

  • SAR Direction Finding System – All emergency frequencies

    • 121.5 MHz, ch. 16, 243 MHz, 406 MHz
  • Cell SAR-Civilian GSM network.

  • Inflatable Ballonets for emergency water landing

  • Rescue Hoist with cable guide management system and secondary hoist controls for pilo

  • Wireless ICS for Rescue operator

  • Augmented Reality Moving Maps for superior situational awareness

  • Tactical Communications

search and rescue helicopter

Airborne Innovations International can provide you with the latest technology in the Search and Rescue/EMS industry. Contact us today to learn more and discuss how we can help with your mission.

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